Huskies Pep Band celebrating 50 years of scrambling

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HOUGHTON-- If you've been to a Michigan Tech athletic event, you've probably seen the Huskies Pep Band. With their powerful sound, freestyle moves and iconic bee striped overalls with crazy hats... the scramble band is pretty hard to miss.

Hannah Kowalewsky, 5 year member says, "Scramble band is a non traditional band. As you have marching bands who form formations and are very drill oriented. Our scramble band, we just kind of do our own thing and have fun with game and playing music,"

The band is celebrating 50 years as a scramble band. Before that, the band had a more traditional style.

Mike Christianson, MTU Director of Bands says, "For the first 35 or so years, it was a military, ROTC organization. It used to marching drill and form shapes and that sort of thing."

Then a new director came in and changed the style of the organization.

Kowalewsky says, "They kinda found these stripes at a kinda like Swift Hardware, just a hardware store and were like, "Yeah this works for the band. We'll do that." And so they got a bunch of them and we have these overalls and slowly but surely progressed into what we have now as the yellow and black stripes."

With about 250 people in the band, the hope is to continue on the scrambling tradition for years to come.

Christianson says, "We had a reunion this summer where we had all of the living previous band directors all come back and one of the things I said to the other band directors was thank you for always believing in this model." 

You can see the unique bee striped scramble band celebrating 50 years this Friday at 7:30 at the Rosza Center for the Performing Arts on the Michigan Tech campus. Tickets are $13 for adults, $5 for youth and no charge for students with the Experience Tech Fee. 

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