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U.P. wide snowstorm breaks 24-hour snowfall record for month of April

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MARQUETTE - It may be spring time in the U.P. but that doesn't stop the snow from flying.

This weekend, a 24-hour snowfall total record was broken at the National Weather Service in Negaunee. 15.8 inches was recorded, making it the second highest snowfall total on record for the month of April.

"We're in spring now, even though it may not feel like it spring, and so these are the times of year when we start to see these really strong systems move through the region," said Jaclyn Ritzman, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service of Marquette. "We just happen to be in the right spot at the right time with this system moving across the region to get widespread, heavy snow."

Despite the weather, it's business as usual for city officials.

"We're out in all elements of the weather," says Captain Mike Laurila, Marquette City Police Department. "I mean, we have to be cautious driving and making sure we're getting to our destinations safely as well. Our calls for service require us to respond to different things throughout the city. Our department of public works is doing a great job keeping our roads clean. We ask that you take the extra time to arrive to your destination safely. If you don't have to drive right now, don't drive."

With the record snowfall, there are plenty of on-going clean-up efforts. But with more expected on the way, it's important to keep your health in mind and take it slow.

"One of the most important things is if you're out shoveling, say your snowblower doesn't work, and you have to shovel that snow be sure to take frequent breaks," said Ritzman. "It's definitely that heavier, wetter snow. Especially if the plows are coming through and throwing that into your driveway, you want to be sure to take frequent breaks when you're out there shoveling."

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