You can put your mind at rest when it comes to water quality concerns

ESCANABA, MI - The water crisis in Flint has a lot of people wondering about the safety and quality of their own water. There are businesses in our area that can inspect your home plumbing. 

Pipe issues are common in the Upper Peninsula. The problem happens a lot in homes built before the 1970's.

John Fukey is with Tunnel Vision. He says, "If you talk to any of the local root cutters, they're very busy, they're making a good living because they're out there cutting away at roots all the time. Newer homes, you know 80's and later, actually into the 70's, have used pvc and that's God's gift to plumbing more or less. But, we look at a lot of homes from the forties, fifties, sixties."

He says the older homes see more problems because of the lower quality of materials used to make pipes and pipe lining.

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