Braves determined to bounce back in 2017

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Gladstone, MI - There may not be a more exciting team to watch this year than the Gladstone Braves. After an underwhelming 2016 season, the Braves now look to turn the page and reach their full potential.  

Jeff Hansen, the head coach for the Braves said, "I think that we need to break through and go from just being a competitive football to playing winning football week after week.  Last season I think we were right there and very close to getting over the hump, in a lot of good football games against really good football teams. This season we're going to break through and win a lot of those games."

In order for the Braves to take the next step, the team will have to rely on their strengths. And the Braves know exactly where their strengths lie. 

Darin Johnson, Braves Quarterback: "Skill players."

Jared Demeuse, Braves Tight End: "Skill guys."

Owen Hanson, Braves Runningback: "We have people that can catch the ball, run the ball."

"We have a lot of skill players coming back, outstanding football players for us last year. Starters, all conference, all up - type players. So we're going to let those guys lead the way for us," added Hansen. 

Darin Johnson can do it all. Last season Johnson racked up over 1,200 total yards, passing for 7 td's and running for 5. For the braves to reach their goals of a G.N.C. crown and playoff run, Johnson will have to impact every game with his all around abilities. And with Owen Hanson running the ball and Jared Demeuse at tight end, this offense will be hard to stop.

Darin Johnson: "I feel like I'm a very exciting player to watch and um, I try my hardest to make plays."
Jared Demeuse: "I'm a physical player. I can play all around. I can help the younger guys with the line because I played there last year. So, I feel like we should do alright."
Owen hanson: "I think I'm a player that can just get some stuff done. I can read the holes to where I need to go and make quick decisions when I need to."
The Braves enter the season with questions in the trenches. 
"We graduated our whole offensive line and defensive line. So we're going to have some younger guys fill in those roles," said Hansen.
"We just need to work hard together. Work together, be patient. And just...Execute," added Johnson.  
The Braves open their season on August 25th against Gwinn. 



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