Marquette student-athletes sign letters of intent

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Six Marquette student-athletes are realizing their dreams of playing at the collegiate level. 

Rebecca McNamee, signed to run track at Western Michigan said, "It's nice to know where you're going, it's nice to kind of be affirmed of your athletic abilities." 

Bryant Bouchard, signed to play football at Finlandia said, "I saw that they're a new football program, and I'm really excited. I can't wait to be a part of it. 
Some can't wait to experience life outside of Marquette.
"I actually wanted to get very far from the u.P. I love the U.P., like I'd want to come back here eventually," said McNamee. 
Lyndsey Welch, signed to swim at st. Cloud said, "One thing I like about it is that, while it is far away, it is kind of the same environment, or similar to the U.P." 
And some have decided to stay close to home. 
Izzie peterson, signed to run track at nmu:  "I think it's super important, I mean, my whole family lives here, I grew up here and this is the place I know, and it's awesome for me to be able to continue my education here. 
"location did play a factor. I wanted to play closer to home, that way my parents could come to the games," said Bouchard. 
Each athlete is excited to continue to excel in the classroom as well. 
Bryant Bouchard: "I'm going to be going into criminal justice as possibly detective work."
Izzie peterson:  "I am going to be going into the pre-vettrenarian program." 
Rebecca McNamee: "I want to go into social work and their programs in psychology and social work are really good." 
Lydnsey Welch: "I'm leaning towards business administration, but I'm not entirely sure. I'm just gonna focus on my liberal arts the first year."
Good luck from us here at Local 3 Sports!

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