Welcome to WJMN and UPMatters.com 

WJMN, a CBS Television affiliate, is broadcast throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Together with UPMatters.com, these two mediums work in tandem to help consumers find you in the purchase process. 

In fact, while the internet became the fastest growing media in history to reach 100 million users, television continues to be the most widely used and influential media, with many recent programs achieving record viewing audiences nationwide. There is no better marketing combination than TV and online to deliver your message. 

WJMN and CBS boast the most powerful programming lineup to make your advertising dollar go to work.  Plus we can create effective online campaigns using a variety of methods including preroll video, banner ads, search engine optimization, social media, eblasts, special sponsorships, and more. 

We hope to talk to you and learn how we can work together. Contact the WJMN Sales Team today, and get your business started on the road to success!

Local Sales Manager: Ron Flanders
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General Sales Manager: Jim Arneson

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