Overcoming Pain: Preventing Winter Related Injury

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Overcoming Pain: Preventing Winter Related Injury
(UPMatters.com / Contributed by Spine Pain Diagnostics Associates) 

Each winter we see an increase in patients who injure themselves when shoveling or falling on ice. Many times these activities can result in emergency room visits and days missed work.

Stretching before intense physical activities, maintaining proper posture and making sure not to overexert your body is your best line of defense against painful injuries related to removing snow.

When walking outside, always be sure to wear proper footwear and to sand and salt sidewalks and steps. Use handrails and make sure ice-prone areas are properly lit at night.

If you find yourself injured or in pain, you can count on the physicians at Spine Pain Diagnostics Associates to pinpoint the source of your pain and treat it using the latest techniques and treatments for pain.  For locations and more information, visit http://www.paindiagnostics.net/

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