Accuride Responds to Pollution Allegations


Accuride says it is aware of the pollution allegations against it’s Brillion Iron Works Facility.


In a statement released today, the company says it is now working to investigate the issue.


“Brillion is in the process of cooperatively investigating the issue – both internally and with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – and we look forward to sharing the results of our assessment once it is complete,” said Accuride Corp. Public Relations Director Timothy Weir.


We showed the statement to Brian McKnight, the initial neighbor who alleged that black soot has been traveling from the plant to his property next door.


“I’m glad to see that they made a response, and that they’re acknowledging there is a problem,” said McKnight.


In the statement, the company went on to say it has invested 3-million dollars over the past two years in environmental, health, and safety equipment at the Brillion facility. Those investments include air-handling equipment, and emission-control equipment. When we spoke to the Wisconsin DNR last week, it said it was preparing an investigation into the matter. McKnight believes that investigation has begun.


“The DNR has gotten involved,” said McKnight. “He stopped here yesterday and took a sample off of my vehicle and from my house.”


Accuride says it plans on releasing results of it’s internal investigation as soon as it is complete. McKnight says he will wait for those results along with the DNR’s.


“Where it goes from here I’m not sure yet. I’m waiting to hear from basically everyone, and hopefully it’s a good outcome.”

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