Aspirus pediatrician reminds parents to stay up-to-date with vaccines, appointments for children during pandemic

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LAURIUM, Mich. (WJMN) – Dr. James Black a pediatrician with Aspirus discussed in a recent podcast that it’s important for parents to keep their child’s vaccines and appointments up to date during the pandemic.

“The benefits for being seen for regular checkups and getting immunizations current,” said Dr. Black. “It outweighs those risks particularly since we’re doing everything we can here to minimize people exposures to COVID-19.”

Dr. Black says staying up-to-date on vaccines is important in preventing life altering diseases.

“Many people that are having children now, were not born in a time where there were large numbers of children getting very sick and actually dying from some of these diseases,” Dr. Black.

“We no longer think of these diseases with the same fear that our parents and grandparents may have felt. Take a disease like measles for example. One child out of a thousand that got measles dies from it. Another one or two children that got measles was left with permanent brain damage from it including hearing loss, other things like that. All of the diseases from which we immunize against have some serious adverse consequences and non of them have good treatments for them and that’s why we have developed vaccines for all of those diseases in the past.”

With hopes for COVID-19 vaccine in the near future, Dr. Black says getting a flu shot this fall could be beneficial.

“One of the things about influenza is that it weakens the persons immune system to other problems and many people who suffer the most adhere consequences of influenza do so because the influenza virus has weakened them to where they get something else,” said Dr. Black.

“We’re all afraid of this coming winter as people get influenza and then following that may get exposed to COVID-19 virus. We’re not sure what the affects are going to be but based on our prior experience we know that the potential is there for people to have very severe outcomes based on the fact that their resistance was lowered from the influenza.”

To listen to Dr. Black’s podcast, click here.

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