Disinfecting foggers help defend against COVID-19

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BARAGA, Mich., ( WJMN) – Baraga Area Schools is using disinfecting foggers to assist in their increased cleaning procedures for COVID-19.

Superintendent Richard Sarau says they purchased the foggers because they make the increased cleaning quicker and more thorough.

“We’ve got so much more to clean this year so we thought the foggers would be a good idea,” said Sarau. “You can come in, you can fog the room, and leave right and so not only does it do probably a better job than what we can do with contact surfaces but it also speeds up the process.”

Porter Dowler, maintenance supervisor and bus driver, says they use the foggers in the busses after every run and in the classrooms twice a day.

“They get done after every run and then we use them in the classrooms halfway through the day and in the evenings before class resumes,” said Dowler.

The district has two types of foggers. One is a backpack style that is used for the busses. The other is on wheels for use in the classrooms. They both work similarly to spread the disinfectant onto high touch surfaces.

“It’s an electrostatic unit, it’s electrically charged so it just puts out a really fine mist and it’s a little noisy but that’s basically how it works so it puts a really really fine mist out, proprietary system through Victory” said Dowler. “The solutions they use come right from victory we get all that stuff from Dalco and it dries relatively quickly.”

The foggers for inside the building function in the same way but are on wheels and produced by Clorox.

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