Isle Royale makes National Geographic’s annual ‘Best of the World’ list

Copper Country

Photo courtesy of MTU’s Isle Royale Institute.

(WJMN) – National Geographic has released this year’s Best of the World list, and Michigan’s National Park, Isle Royale, made the list under “Wild Beautiful Places”.

25 other extraordinary destinations were announced alongside Isle Royale. Profiling inspiring places, communities, and innovations, the list provides an optimistic dose of escapism, as would-be travelers navigate pandemic precautions around the world.

According to National Geographic, the list is framed by five categories—Nature, Adventure, Culture, Sustainability and Family—each inclusion honors a superlative destination with a relevant story to tell for the year ahead. From the exploration of “Africa’s last Eden” in Gabon and the environmental efforts of Denver, Colorado, to the nearly completed England Coast Path (the world’s longest seafront walking trail) and so much more, the 2021 list profiles conservation successes, preservation achievements, cultural resilience, and tales of communities overcoming daunting obstacles to thrive despite the pandemic.

“While the pandemic has brought journeys to a standstill, it’s not quieted our curiosity,” said George Stone, executive editor of National Geographic Travel. “The world is full of wonders—even when they’re hard to reach. Now is the perfect time to discover something new about an extraordinary place or culture in our world and perhaps dream up your next journey, for when that time comes. Ahead of a new year—with the hope of a return to travel—we’re excited to share these 25 timely tales of timeless places that will define our future itineraries.”

The list was created, researched, reported and written in collaboration with National Geographic Traveler’s international editorial teams, which serve millions of readers across their magazines and websites in more than a dozen offices around the world.

A snippet from Isle Royale’s section courtesy of National Geographic says in part, “Nature runs wild on Michigan’s untamed Isle Royale, a best-kept secret of a national park in the northwestern corner of Lake Superior.”

To read the rest of the Best of the World 2021 list, it’s available online now.

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