MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – L.I.V.E. These four letters are the pillars behind the LIVE campaign through Great Lakes Recovery Centers (GLRC) and West End Suicide Prevention (WESP).

Love Yourself, Include Others, Value Life, and Engage the Community

“To love yourself means to accept who you are as really there’s only one you. To include others is to understand that we’re all different and that’s a good thing. To value life is to understand that you have a purpose only you can fill. To engage the community means to come together to make a positive difference. That’s what I think we’re doing here,” said Amy Poirer, GLRC Community Relations and Marketing Director and WESP facilitator.

The LIVE campaign was introduced in 2019. At the time it was only in the west end of Marquette County. It was created by West End Suicide Prevention as a way to reach individuals wherever they were.

At the time of its inception, the goal was to reach 18 to 24-year-olds in the area with yard signs as a visible reminder.

“Once people saw the live campaign and learned what it meant, schools said we want this for all of our kids, not just the 18 to 24-year-olds. This is for high school kids, then the elementary teachers were saying, wait, we want our kids to know this information too,” added Poirer.

After receiving requests from across the U.P. they did a grant proposal with Superior Health Foundation and through that grant, the LIVE campaign now has a presence in every U.P. county.

“West End Suicide Prevention is a great group of diverse individuals from the west end of Marquette County. We have a few people from outside of Marquette County as well now. We’ve got schools, businesses, nonprofits, mental health agencies, physical health agencies, just really a wide variety of people that are all coming together with one purpose and that’s to prevent suicide in the area,” said Poirer.

One way to break the stigma around mental illness is to open a conversation. There are crisis Counseling numbers available in every county.

  • Alger – 906-387-3611 or 888-728-4929 after hours
  • Baraga – 906-482-9404 or 800-526-5059 after hours
  • Chippewa – 906-632-2805 or 800-839-9443 after hours
  • Delta – 906-786-6441 or 888-728-4929 after hours
  • Dickinson – 906-774-0522 CST or 800-750-0522 after hours
  • Gogebic – 906-229-6120 CST or 800-348-0032 after hours
  • Houghton – 906-482-9404 or 800-526-5059 after hours
  • Iron – 906-265-5126 CST or 800-750-0522 after hours
  • Keweenaw – 906-482-9404 or 800-526-5059 after hours
  • Luce – 906-293-3284 or 888-728-4929 after hours
  • Mackinac – 906-643-8616 or 800-839-9443 after hours
  • Marquette – 906-225-7210 or 888-728-4929 after hours
  • Menominee – 906-863-7841 CST or 800-750-0522 after hours
  • Ontonagon – 906-482-9404 or 800-526-5059 after hours
  • Schoolcraft – 906-341-2144 or 800-839-9443 after hours

“The people on the other end of that line are so trained. You can just call in and say I’m having a hard time and I need to talk to somebody. They’ll be there for you and they’ll talk to you through that. Even if it’s hard to say what your feelings are, they are there. They will be there and they will help,” added Poirer.

There are several different trainings available, many are free to the community.

The Question, Persuade, Refer or QPR is a one-hour training. It is evidence-based for anyone over the age of 12. It is offered in many schools and is also available for individuals.

There are also mental health first aid classes. They are an 8-hour course for adults.

GLRC offers the following mental health services:

Outpatient Mental Health Counseling

  • We offer individual and family counseling for youth and adults.
  • We can treat concerns such as depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, life stressors, etc.  
  • We accept a variety of insurances
  • We have Outpatient Clinics across the UP. 
  • Services vary at our different locations.  
  • Call 906 228-9696 for more information

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic

  • Works with kids 5-18
  • Provides:  Psychiatric evaluation, medication management, parent education, coordination of care
  • Located in Ishpeming
  • Call 906 228-9696 for more information

Child & Adolescent Assessments

  • Kids 2-17
  • Comprehensive trauma assessment
  • Assesses various areas impacted by trauma including:  intelligence, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, neurological processing, trauma exposure and effects, behavioral challenges and mental health
  • Located in Negaunee
  • Call 906 228-9696 for more information