Congressman Bergman helped launch ‘Trump Victory’ field office in Marquette


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Members of the Republican party, local and national, made their way to Marquette over the weekend for the grand opening of the “Trump Victory” campaign headquarters.

From event organizing to traditional door knocking with social distancing in mind, this new location will provide the Republican party with a major footprint in the Upper Peninsula.

“It’s about energizing the people to come out to vote and under the leadership of the Michigan state party and the Trump campaign, they’re committed to this,” said Congressman Jack Bergman.

President Trump has not made a trip to the Upper Peninsula yet, but Congressman Bergman suggested a perfect location for if and when he does decide to.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have the president to come up here to Marquette?” Congressman Bergman asked.

“I’ve already talked to the folks, I think we can put 14,000 people in the Dome here at NMU, but we’ll see how that goes.”

Congressman Bergman believes President Trump’s business experience has made him a successful president and will continue to be past the 2020 election.

“The government doesn’t create jobs, the government creates the environment through which the private sector creates jobs. Donald Trump came out of the private sector. I’ve never met anybody who made their living in government, somebody like Biden or Clinton, never owned a business in their life,” said Congressman Bergman.

“Donald Trump brought his business mentality to the White House and it made a lot of swamp dwellers really nervous, and you know what, he’s been successful.”

Bergman, also on the November ballot, believes his work speaks for itself. He believes voting for new comer, Dana Ferguson (D), would stall the projects Bergman has been working on.

“Look at lifetime’s record of what you’ve accomplished. We talk about the president, “promises made, promises kept,” well the bottom line is anybody here in Michigan’s First District, who I’ve had a chance to interact with in the last four years, I’ll stand on my record of getting things done,” Congressman Bergman said.

“One simple small project that languished for 30 years, the Soo Locks. Guess what? We’re moving dirt. I got some other infrastructure projects on the line we’ve already began, so that’s why they should vote for me. I’ve already got the ball rolling.”

With the latest numbers showing Vice President Joe Biden with a 10 point lead, Bergman expects this years voter turnout will be much higher than the previous election.

“I don’t believe the polls and the point is, Donald Trump carried Michigan by 10,600 votes in 2016, I believe he is going to carry it more than that because the voter turn out is going to be high, on both sides, but especially up here in the U.P., the people understand what it means to proved an economy that enables jobs and families to prosper.”

Congressman Bergman also spoke out against Governor Whitmer and how she has handled this pandemic.

“There are 51 elected Commanders and Chief’s in the United States of America, you have the president and 50 governors. Their primary responsibility is keep their citizens safe and secure. Just because you get elected to one of those positions, doesn’t mean you are a leader,” Congressman Bergman said.

“I think the governor has struggled because of her lack of leadership jobs before being the governor. Not a bad person, just doesn’t have the experience to confront a pandemic.”

The Trump Victory field office is located at 148 West Washington in Downtown Marquette.

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