Michigan Democrats, Republicans react to Biden VP pick


MICHIGAN, (WJMN) – Joe Biden announced his Vice President pick, Kamala Harris, August 11.

Harris represents California in the U.S. Senate and serves on several committees. She serves as a part of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Allison Youngs, chair of the Chippewa County Democratic Party, says she thinks Harris is a fantastic choice and her experience as the Attorney General of California will be useful.

“She is someone that if something happened to Biden, she could lead from day one,” said Youngs. “I think she brings energy and excitement to the ticket”

Harris has sponsored or cosponsored bills that promote labor standards, energy efficiency in schools and teacher support. Jason Chapman a delegate to the Democratic National Convention says he’s excited about Biden’s choice.

“I think she’s a fighter from day one, I think she truly gets what the middle-class needs and she can relate to them,” said Chapman. “She’s fought for LGBTQ rights, she’s fought for consumer protections, she just gets it.”

Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman, Laura Cox, thinks otherwise. She says that Harris is a California liberal who is out of touch with the midwest.

“She supports the ‘Green New Deal’ which will be terrible for Michigan’s economy,” said Cox. “It would decimate manufacturing and the agricultural industry across our great state.”

Another member of the Republican party, Matthew Goss, says he thinks Harris is a strong pick for the ticket but has adjusted her views and swung very far left. He says that

“When you’re dealing with someone that’s said they want to stack the courts to basically attack our second amendment that puts me on guard because I care about this country and I care about all the citizens of this country and I believe that any attack on the constitution is an attack on the people and I just don’t agree with that,” said Goss.

The Democratic National Convention will take place virtually August 17 to August 20. Votes will be cast there to officially select the nominee for the Democratic Presidential candidate.

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