Michigan voter turnout showed promise


MICHIGAN (WJMN) — Your votes have been counted, your voice have been heard.

Both the Associated Press and CBS News confirm Joe Biden has defeated Bernie Sanders in Michigan for the Democratic Presidential Candidacy.

Michigan’s new rules allowing same-day voter registration led to long, lines at the city halls in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo Tuesday.

In Grand Rapids, some people said they had been waiting for more than three hours to register to vote.

A ballot shortage caused a delay in voting at one Bay County precinct. They ran out of Democratic Ballots around 5 this evening. Voters, there could either wait or be sent to another location.

In the Upper Peninsula, we checked around with Election offices across the region.

None of them reported issues with long wait times, only some people having difficulty with on-site registration.

I spoke with the Marquette County Clerk who told me that the today’s turnout was steady. Voters coming and going, but they had no problems on their end.

Today we’ve also seen a large number of absentee voters.

All absentee ballots that will count in Michigan’s 2020 Presidential Primary election have been submitted, but the process is far from over.

As the polls opened for voters Tuesday, election boards and precinct workers around the state began checking and recording the absentee ballots.

This election marked the first major contest in which any Michigander could vote no-reason absentee.

According to the Associated Press, Michigan is a top general election battleground.

A significant slice of Democratic voters – about 20% – said their decision on how to vote in November will depend on who is nominated as the Democratic candidate.

Democratic voters in Michigan were closely divided over tariffs, though somewhat more said they were opposed to rather than in favor of taxes on goods imported to the U.S. from other countries.

Meanwhile, a wide majority, roughly 3/4, said they think the economic system in this country is unfair. That includes about a third describing it as “very unfair.”

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