GLADSTONE, Mich. (WJMN) – The 108th House Seat is currently held by Beau LaFave but because of term limits, a new person will be taking the role.

A graduate of Menominee High School, Casey Hoffman has worn many different hats in his life. From working as a bank teller to a retail worker, server, and now a lawyer, Hoffman says that is one of the many ways he stands out amongst his opponents.

“If I had to describe my opponents in one word, it would be yesterday,” Casey Hoffman said. “When I am the same age as my primary opponents, it’ll be the year 2048. When I’m the same age as Joe Biden, it’ll be the year 2068. Just think about that for a minute. I am not concerned about the next two years. I’m concerned about the next two decades because how we vote and what we do today is not hypothetical to me or my generation.”

A pro-life Christian, Hoffman says if elected he would be the first openly gay Republican in the Michigan State Legislature. One of the many goals he hopes to accomplish if he makes it down to Lansing is the elimination of the state income tax.

“I am the only candidate with a plan to reduce prices for people right now,” Hoffman said. “I think the economy works better when more people have more of their own money in their pockets and I’m proud to be the only candidate in Michigan running to eliminate state income taxes. Everything is so expensive and we need to work on that by putting more taxpayer dollars in taxpayer pockets. That’s important. Also, the gas prices are way too high. Gas prices need to come down and abortion is a big, big issue. We’ve seen Roe v. Wade fall and now we need strong pro-life leaders to help lead the conversation.

Hoffman hopes his strong Yooper roots are evident throughout his campaign as well.

“I often wonder what my grandpa would’ve thought about this campaign,” Hoffman said. “I am 32 years old, I am a lawyer and my grandpa never went to college. He owned Holiday Lanes bowling in Menominee and moved to the Upper Peninsula in 1968. He couldn’t afford both a business and a home, so he built an apartment above the bowling lanes and he worked really, really hard to make sure that my dad would be the first person to graduate college from our family and my dad worked really, really hard to make sure that I could be a lawyer and go to Law School. We are an example and proof that the American dream is not a race. It’s not even a sprint or a marathon. It’s a relay race. We hand the baton off and we hope that they carry it further than I could. So I’m humbly asking Yoopers hand me the baton. I have clear eyes. I have a full heart and I am humbly asking you please hand me the baton and I will not let you down”

The Republican Primary will take place on August 2 and will determine who advances to November’s General Election.