FORSYTH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) – Last May, Joe Boogren announced his candidacy for the 109th District Seat in Michigan’s State House of Representatives. Previously serving in the military and on the Gwinn Schools board of education, Boogren currently serves as the Forsyth Township Supervisor. Boogren says his family’s investment in living in the U.P. and a desire to give back helped inspire his run for office.

“I enjoy doing something that benefits, you know, my fellow members of my community, in this case the district. I am a father of six and a grandfather of 11 and all of those 17 people live in our district, from Norway, Negaunee, down to Gwinn, and that matters to me. My late wife and I chose to come back home to Gwinn because we loved it. My family loves the U.P. and so do I and I’m committed to doing the best I can for this region, for this district, and for the people that live in it”

Boogren is running for office as a Democrat. He says a priority of his is to support working people towards maintaining a fulfilling job that can provide for their families. Boogren aims to help his constituents be able to broadly afford things like homes and healthcare without being weighed down by their bills.

“I’m a very pro-labor person. I believe in our local culture that includes, to a very large degree, mining and timber and the various things that come from logging and Timber production. They matter to us, they matter to the jobs of our people, and I’m committed to helping to sustain those and bring in new industry where I can. Support the tourism that makes us a destination and also continue the culture that the U.P. is very rich in a conscious conservationism.”

In a similar vein, Boogren says he wants to alleviate some of the financial pressure placed on local municipalities.

“You know, all these small towns everywhere, we’re all trying to make our way through and we don’t need any extra money put on our burden. It’s hard enough to go out to our taxpayers and have them support things like a fire department, EMS, a police force. Those things cost money and we don’t need anything from the state that is a state obligation pushdown to municipalities”

Boogren says his experience in public service positions helps to listen and prioritize what to work on to help the members of his district.

“I think in the positions I had, both in leadership and crisis, or times of crisis, I think it gives a person an ability to adapt and to make smart decisions. Sometimes decisions can be made quickly, they usually require a lot of thought and you certainly experience that in planning processes and executing operations or just day-to-day leadership or day to day getting the job done. I think my wealth of experience in those kind of roles will pay great dividends for me when I get to Lansing.”

The primary election for the 109th District will take place on August 2, 2022. Boogren is joined in the race so far by Jenn Hill, who is also running as a Democrat.