FORSYTH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) – In the race for the 109th District State House, Melody Wagner continues her pursuit for the role.

Wagner released the following information about her campaign:

Long term Conservative Candidate Melody Wagner of K.I. Sawyer (Forsyth Township), Gwinn, (Marquette County) retained her 2020 Campaign Committee to Elect, was active in 2021 and currently is working hard in a continuing pursuit for the 109th District State House Representative race in the August 2nd, 2022 Republican Primary. 

With a background in both law enforcement and farming, Melody is looking to rein in government powers and reinstall common sense legislation for her neighbors in the district.  “We need ‘We the People’ first and government second; modern programs to improve ineffective and outdated governing, and improved ‘Sunshine Laws’ for government transparency and accountability.”                                                                          

Through discussions with locals and her own personal experiences, Wagner seeks to improve consumer protections in housing markets and is dedicated to shine the light on the mental health crisis that is currently overwhelming. “Proven intervention programs between schools, churches, medical facilities and law enforcement will provide coping skills and awareness and bring hope to end the stigma of mental illness and promote healthy living in the U.P.” 

Melody Wagner, a former dairy farm owner/operator, police officer and recent officer at DHS TSA Sawyer International Airport, resigned to run for representative in 2020.  The ‘Hatch Act’ of 1939 prevents executive branch employees from running for office.  She currently is a substitute teacher and security officer.