The Delta County League of Women Voters (LWV) is hosting a candidate forum Wednesday night ahead of the August primary election. It starts at 7 p.m. inside Escanaba City Hall.

The forum will host candidates for contested primary races for the 108th Representative District and Delta County Commissioner District 3. While other County Commissioner races are contested, LWV will not host them at the forum if at least two candidates are not able available on the date of the event. That is LWV rule to ensure one candidate isn’t being favored or appear to be favored over another.

The meeting is scheduled to be broadcast on the City of Escanaba’s Youtube Page. It will be recorded and share to the LWV Facebook page and website.

Delta County LWV President, Sue Scheeneman explained the format, along with what will and won’t be allowed.

“They have timed response. Then we move it on to the next candidate to answer the same question. This is a forum, not a debate. They are cautioned about that. You are not attacking your opponent. You can save that for your street politics. We’re not doing that here. This is just answering a question to the best of your ability, to the best of your knowledge and then we move to the next candidate.”

Scheeneman will serve as an assistant to the moderator during the forum to receive, organize, and present questions as they come in.

“Those questions are being fed to me throughout the forum. I’m looking to see where they might fit with what she’s already asked. We’re actively taking them during the forum. If you’re sitting in a seat, you can turn one in. We’ll take a look and if it’s different than what we’ve already asked, we try to do audience questions as a priority, as long as they are appropriate questions.”

Questions can also be emailed in prior to the event at