MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – With incumbent Representative Sara Cambensy set to reach the term limit for the Michigan State House this year, the race is underway for Michigan’s 109th District seat. On Tuesday, Jenn Hill announced her candidacy for the office. A first-generation Yooper, Hill has served as part of the Marquette City Commission since 2018.

“I’m on the Marquette City Commission right now and the voters re-elected me this past November, but honestly a year ago folks started coming to me asking me to run for the State House knowing that it was going to be an open seat because of term limits,” Hill said. “And that because I have experience downstate, I have relationships downstate, that I could represent the U.P. well because people know me. Know that I’m going to be a straight shooter and know that I’m going to go get what’s best for the U.P.”

Hill is running for office as a Democrat. Having studied Environmental Planning and earning a Masters in City Planning from MIT, Hill says she prioritizes sustainability and wants to emphasize clean energy to help lower energy costs in the U.P. Hill says her experience in local government will help her to know what to fight for in Lansing that will help the U.P. succeed.

“We have not gotten what we deserve out of Lansing. There’s what’s called revenue sharing, and we’re millions of dollars short in revenue sharing. We need to get that money here,” Hill said “And as a local official I’m bringing in experience of what it takes to actually make sure government runs well because we don’t have any wiggle room. There’s no fat left at the local government. We’ve been cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting and we’ve got money sitting down there that we deserve to have back up here in the U.P.”

Interfacing with voters as a local official has been important for Hill in learning about what concerns are on the mind of members of the community. Helping to lower costs and provide better access to resources is a key aim for Hill. She says working to lower energy costs is important to benefit seniors citizens living on fixed incomes.

“I talk to people about what’s going on in their lives and what I hear is housing, the housing crunch, the access to health care, what’s happened after COVID with childcare,” Hill said. “You know folks want to work, but they also need to take care of their kids, and we’ve got the COVID situation and quarantines, and there needs to be a way to break that log jam and make sure that we have enough resources for the childcare for our healthcare workers who have been putting in so many hours and so much time. We deserve to do well for them.”

The primary election for the 109th District will take place on August 2, 2022. Thus far, Hill is joined in the race by Joe Boogren, who is also running as a Democrat. Local 3 is working to arrange equal coverage of Boogren’s campaign.