ROCK, Mich. (WJMN) – For some voters located in Delta and Marquette counties, there is a Mid Peninsula School District Sinking Fund Millage Proposal on the ballot for next week’s consolidated election.

The millage requests an increase of and not to exceed 1 mill for a period of ten years to create a sinking fund for the construction or repair of school buildings, security improvements, technology upgrades, and other supplies, vehicles, or equipment.

“Those funds are for the facility primarily, and buses, so floors and heating units, and just the general maintenance on a 40-year-old building, and of course busing as well,” said Superintendent Eric VanDamme. “The security is huge for me, just trying to replace some exterior doors and making things a little bit more state of the art to be able to be a little bit more responsive in times of need and emergency would be significant for us. Also, just the security cameras and the coverage of those things that would allow us to really hone in and make it a lot better and safer for students.”

This will be the third time the school district has had a sinking fund millage on the ballot.

“We went to the voters before COVID. We asked for three mils. It was narrowly defeated and so we went back with two mills. And a lot of folks said we didn’t have maybe they didn’t know exactly what it was. So, we’re just trying to get the word out what it’s for. You know, you get a homestead exemption on this money as well. So, if it’s your homestead property, you get that 50% reduction and that the taxes and it’s you know going it’s going to allow us to keep classroom or general fund dollars in the classroom,” said VanDamme.

Election day is Tuesday, August 8. To find out what will be on your ballot or where your polling location is, you can visit