PICKFORD, Mich. (WJMN) – We are less than two weeks away from the state primary election on August 2. School millages are on many ballots across the Upper Peninsula.

Voters in Chippewa and Mackinac counties will vote yes or no on the Pickford Public Schools Operating Millage Renewal.

“This millage is going to generate approximately $686,000 in fiscal year 2023 and that’s roughly about 12 percent of our budget for district operations. So if the millage proposal were not to pass, we would have to cut that much out of our budget, which would affect our programs and obviously students,” said Superintendent/K-12 Principal Angela Nettleton.

Back in May of this year, voters voted to pass the $3.5 million Pickford Public Schools Bonding Proposal. The passage of the bonding proposal allows the school to build an addition to the school building, remodel the school building, along with other improvements of the school. That construction is currently underway.

“Luckily our taxpayers approved a bond proposals this last spring and the previous fall before. We have put on two classroom additions to our elementary,: said Nettleton. “We’re looking to add six classrooms to our high school, middle school area. We’re putting on a large multi purpose room. It’ll be great for students and our programs. An industrial area, a stage area, so we’re very excited about all of the work that’s happening here. And a good, a lot of site work out front to make our pick up and drop off area safer.”

If passed, the Pickford Public Schools Operating Millage Renewal will allow the school district to continue to levy 18.7529 mills or $18.75 on each $1,000 of taxable value. There is no increase with this millage renewal.  The renewal would be for a two-year period (2023-2024) to provide funds for operating purposes.

To find out what’s going to be on your ballot on August 2, please visit michigan.gov/vote.