MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) – Sara Cambensy was elected as state representative for Michigan’s 109th district in 2017 during a special election after the passing of predecessor John Kivela. Five years later, she has reached her term limit.

Cambensy takes a look back at her biggest accomplishment during her time as state representative.

“I think the biggest accomplishment for me is my first bill that I passed which was establishing Michigan’s committee for mining future,” said Cambensy. “And that committee came together put together a whole lot of recommendations on what we need to do to strengthen our mining sector. And, you know, growing up here in Marquette our iron range has been the biggest job provider in an exponential fashion meaning that you know, even today there are 1000 good jobs with iron mining, but it’s also the railroads, it’s also the small businesses, the restaurants and everything that kind of goes out from that. So, my first bill, I would say is probably my biggest accomplishment. And now looking into lame duck, I have a package with our other U.P. legislators that take those recommendations. And hopefully we can finish up this eight bill package and get that passed. That’s a great question.”

So, what’s next for Sara Cambensy?

“I haven’t fully committed to any job on what’s next yet, but I certainly have a lot of feelers out both in the public sector side, private sector side so still to be determined. But hopefully, whatever I end up doing, I’ll be able to either stay work part time in the U.P. or get back here as much as possible.”

Cambensy shares some final words for her constituents.

“I’d just like to thank them for choosing me and you know, certainly even if they didn’t vote for me, just being willing to call my office. Give me their opinion. I think the thing I’ve learned most from my constituents is always to be open minded, and there’s always two or three sides to every issue. And from my constituents who might feel differently than me who have reached out, they have impacted my opinion they have made it so when I go down state, I can take their side with me as well. And I think it’s made me a legislator that certainly votes for the issue and not necessarily follow those party lines, which, you know, the U.P. legislators are known for. So, I just like to thank them for that opportunity. And hopefully, I made them proud.”

In the New Year, Cambensy will be replaced by member-elect Jenn Hill.