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AMSTERDAM (AP) — Hundreds of people protested Saturday in Amsterdam in a #MeToo demonstration sparked by allegations of sexual impropriety linked to a popular Dutch TV talent show.

The demonstration on Amsterdam’s Museumplein square was organized following reports of sexual harassment, ranging from WhatsApp messages to an allegation of rape, linked to “The Voice of Holland.”

The popular show was taken off the air two weeks ago after women accused two panelists who have appeared on the show in recent years and its pianist and band leader of inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances.

The two coaches, both popular Dutch performers, have denied wrongdoing. The bandleader apologized and resigned from the show.

While a number of women have made complaints to law enforcement authorities, prosecutors have not yet announced whether they will charge anybody.

The scandal has led to calls in the Netherlands for more action to make workplaces safer for women.

Labor union FNV said this week that “nearly five years after #MeToo, shockingly little has changed in tackling workplace sexual intimidation” and called on the government to tighten laws.

FNV vice president Kitty Jong said that the allegations about “The Voice Of Holland” clearly show “that women in vulnerable positions have too few resources to address sexual harassment.”