AMES, Iowa (WHO) – The head of Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources has been fined for fishing without a license — after she contacted authorities to request a citation.

Kayla Lyon, the director of the Iowa DNR, was fishing on the Mississippi River earlier this month but later learned that her fishing license had expired. Lyon said it was a simple mistake, explaining that her license was set to auto-renew, but she was recently issued a new card by her bank and hadn’t updated her online payment option.

She then reached out to the DNR’s law enforcement chief to report the violation.

Lyon was cited for in Jackson County for fishing without a license on March 21. She was charged a total of $135.50 in fines.

“I’m told this situation is not uncommon,” said Lyon of failing to update her account information. “I would encourage anyone with an Iowa license to routinely check their accounts to ensure this doesn’t happen to them.”

Kayla Lyon, the director of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, reported herself for fishing without a license earlier this month. (WHO)

Iowans can renew their fishing licenses online, or at a number of statewide retailers.