Robotics helping prostate cancer surgery

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A next-generation robot is making prostate cancer surgery easier for both doctor and patient.

It was no surprise to Bob Agee when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“My dad comes from a large family. Seven kids, six boys, my dad being the eldest and it was like checking them off a list. Each and every one of them had prostate cancer,” said Bob Agee.

Bob’s brother has it too. Doctor Jeffrey Nix, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham believes Bob would be a perfect candidate for a new type of robotic system using a single port for surgery to treat his prostate cancer.

Jeffrey Nix, MD, FACS, Director of Robotic Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham said, “So for prostate cancer surgery for example, you might have five or six different keyhole incisions.”

With the single port, the surgeon makes only one incision in the abdomen to enter and deploy the surgical instruments. This type of surgery can leave minimal, or no scarring.

Also, patients have a quicker recovery time.

Doctor Nix said, “With a traditional multiport approach, patients will stay one night in the hospital usually go home around mid-morning to lunch the next day.”

Currently, doctor nix is able to send the patients home the same day after the single port surgery.

Doctor Nix said, “So that they can get back to their normal quality of life faster.”

And put cancer in the rear-view.

The FDA approved the single port for urological surgeries at the end of 2018 and only 15 centers around the u-s are currently using the system.

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