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Cancer treatment is not only draining but can take a toll on your physical appearance. See how these makeup artists are giving a boost to both male and female patients in their fight against cancer!

Soon after Sara Balaker gave birth to her baby Josie, she received a dreaded diagnosis.

Sara Balaker said, “I was diagnosed December of 2015 with stage 4 cancer.”

The breast cancer had spread and weeks of chemotherapy and radiation really took a toll on her mentally and physically.

Sara Balaker said, “When you look in the mirror, it’s like whoa, where is that young person that I used to see?”

Darci McNally, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Boca Raton Regional Hospital said, “Physically, emotionally, financially, socially, cancer gets involved with everything in your life.”

That’s what inspired Darci McNally to create the “Be-u-tiful Program” to enhance patients’ appearance during treatment.

McNally said, “Sometimes when you’re looking good you feel better and that’s ok.”

Julie Jukich, a licensed Cosmetologist who works with cancer patients, uses a special technique for brows.

Julie Jukich, Licensed Cosmetologist, Be-u-tiful program, Boca Raton Regional Hospital said, “Now you have three points to build your brow.”

Male patients also want to look and feel good.

Stoyan Dulgeroff says chemo did a number on his skin.

Stoyan Dulgeroff said, “You could touch my skin and it turns white because it’s so dry.”

Debi used Vitamin-E for cracked lips and filled in sparse lashes with a pencil.

Sara Balaker said, “It’s almost like transformation right before your eyes!”

Both patients love their new look and so do we!

Both Debi and Julie recommend natural or organic products with soothing ingredients like aloe and try to stay away from products containing parabens.

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