MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Superior Health Foundation hosted a round table discussion on Thursday, bringing in stakeholders and representatives from across the Upper Peninsula. The goal was to identify the needs and potential projects that could benefit from more than $800,000 in grant funding from SHF.

Between in-person and virtual attendees, approximately 60 people joined in Thursday’s discussion.

“As we all know, food insecurity is an incredibly complex issue. There’s issues regarding getting healthy food, distribution issues, and all sorts of things that play into it,” said Superior Health Foundation Executive Director, Jim LaJoie.

One of the groups presenting on Thursday was Partridge Creek Farm from Ishpeming. May Tsupros is the Director of Programs and Partnerships.

“There are three big themes with what I’m going to be speaking about today. One is the importance of educating people on the importance of healthy food. Two is increasing access to healthy food. Because if you learn about it, you’ll want it. The last thing I’m going to be excited to talk about today is the importance of collaboration,” said Tsupros.

So what happens next? Jim Lajoie explained how SHF will, “sit down with Grow & Lead and we will determine what really are the issues? Where can we put our funding? Then our request for proposals will come from that. We use this as a barometer, then in several weeks we’ll put out the request for proposals that will run for a six week period, then we will award funding at our October Fall Grant Celebration.”