MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Superior Health Foundation provides grant funding to health-centered non-profits across the Upper Peninsula. One of those groups is Caregiver Incentive Project.

Jim LaJoie, Executive Director of Superior Health Foundation said a lot of what they do is listening. They listen to the needs are in communities.

“With the Upper Peninsula and how sparse and rural it is, what may be important in Ironwood is not going to be the same thing that’s important in Sault Ste. Marie,” said LaJoie. “So you really have to find out what is important to them, find out what their needs are, and encourage them to apply for funding.”

Eric Paad, founded Caregiver Incentive Project because he has an adult daughter who is disabled.

“As we began to look for caregivers to help us provide that care, shocked is a mild word to tell you that we couldn’t find people,” said Paad.

He set out to address the national shortage of in-home caregivers. Paad said there is no standardized training to provide that level of service to seniors, people with disabilities, or those who are medically fragile.

This edition of Superior Health Wednesday talks through how Superior Health Foundation facilitates Grants and takes a deeper dive into the mission and goals of Caregiver Incentive Project.