MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Superior Health Foundation (SHF) Annual Golf Outing is scheduled for Friday, June 17, at the Red Fox Run Golf Course in Gwinn.

It’s one of three SHF fundraisers for the year. They pick a health-centered non-profit to partner with. The partner will receive at least $5,000 in funding. This year’s partner is Project Jade.

“Project Jade started in October of 2020,” said Project Jade CEO, Sarah Foster. “We started making communication boards for playgrounds at local schools like that one right there. They are for non-verbal special ed. children to communicate with teachers and each other. We’re in about 20 schools around the U.P. We expanded into libraries and having portable signs that are able to be sanitized. We’re also expanding into getting equipment for special ed classrooms. The main focus of Project Jade is to get these communication boards out to any facilities who need them.”

Foster said the signs are a way for not only non-verbal students to communicate with teachers and classmates, but for their peers to better communicate with them.

“A lot of the non-verbal children. Some are autistic. Others have different special needs and abilities. Many will carry ipads with the software programs on them. Those are not convenient to take out on the playground. The students will go up to these images and point to what they want to say, whether it’s a feeling, an action or piece of playground equipment they want to go on,” added Foster.

Foster said this partnership is a huge opportunity, not only to get their name out there, but to secure the funding to help schools and other places be part of the project.

“Anytime you can work and aid a cause with children who have special needs, is incredibly important to us. We have a special affinity for causes like this. When I heard about this one I emailed Sarah and said let’s get together and talk and see if we can partner together. We’re thrilled to be working with them. It’s a great great cause. These communication boards are working across the U.P. They’ve proven to be beneficial and with this funding, we’ll be able to buy a whole bunch more of them so it will be a great thing,” said Jim LaJoie, Executive Director of Superior Health Foundation.

The event, which will begin with a shotgun start at 10:30 a.m., will again have a number of wacky, fun holes and a number of prizes.

To register for the golf outing, sponsor the event, or learn more about Project Jade and Superior Health Foundation, click here.