Benefit for cholesterol lowering and generic drugs


People enrolled in Medicare Part D may be paying more for generic drugs than brand names. A new study at Vanderbilt University found–in some cases– brand name drugs used to treat complex conditions like Cancer or Multiple Sclerosis—came at a lower price.

A British study finds the risk of stillbirth increases with every week past 37 weeks. Scientists say women should not be alarmed since the increased risk is still low.

Data also shows black women are more likely to suffer stillbirth at all gestational ages compared to white women. And using statins is linked to a lower risk of death and stroke in patients with Dementia.

Swedish researchers found patients who used the cholesterol-lowering medications had a 22-percent lower risk of death and a 23-percent reduction in risk of stroke, which is much more likely in dementia patients.

A new study shows Black women, Hispanic women, and young women may face a higher risk of developing triple-negative breast cancers which are often aggressive and do not respond to targeted therapy.

Research from Georgia State University School of Public Health showed those women were up to twice as likely to be diagnosed with the disease compared to non-Hispanic white women.

Researchers in Hong Kong say they’ve discovered a good reason to stop drinking alcohol.

They found women who were moderate drinkers and quit saw a significant improvement in mental well-being.

And a new study shows a major life event, such as having a child, can influence your grocery list. Researchers at the University of Michigan say middle and high-income households spend about 10 percent of their food budget on produce before having a children. The amount increased to 12 percent after the child was born. No difference was found in low-income homes.

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