Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: The American dream at Manny Mag’s

Hispanic Heritage Month

MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — In 1912, Manual Magdaleno came to America from Mexico looking for better opportunities for his family.

His grandson, Arthur, appreciated his grandfathers sacrifice, not knowing that one day he will also forge his own path.

“Well, I’ve been talking about it all my life basically. I love to cook, I’ve been cooking weddings and do different types of cooking and I’ve always wanted to own my own restaurant,” said Arthur Magdaleno.

While dreams are hard to accomplish, Arthur knew he did not want to work for anybody, but himself.

“I started a business when I was 22 doing flooring and I’ve traveled all over the country doing military contracts and KI Sawyer came up and I never heard of the U.P. in my whole life and here I come to do it and I’ve been here for 30 years,” said Arthur Magdaleno.

Over the past decade, Arthur tried time and time again to get his food truck business off the ground.

With expenses, permits, and all of the logistics that comes with it, Arthur patiently waited.

But with the support of his girlfriend and his family, Arthur’s dream finally became a reality.

“He absolutely loves it, he loves it. He loves cooking for people, he did it before, just you go to his house and you leave stuffed,” said Sherri Yelland, Arthur’s Girlfriend.

From pork, beef, and chicken tacos to his specialty, the gringa, those who’ve experienced Manny Mag’s seem to come back for seconds.

“A lot of the cooking was from my dad and he loved to cook too and I think they’d be proud coming from a whole different country and come here and living the American dream,” said Arthur.

A dream that one day he hopes to leave to his grandchildren.

Arthur named his food trailer, Manny Mag’s, after his grandfather, but also inspired by his grandson’s gamer tag.

From Marquette to Munising and over to Gwinn, Arthur’s trailer can be found on the weekend cooking like he is cooking for his own family.

“I think it’s very important to him,” said Fred Magdaleno, Arthur’s Grandson.

“I mean, forever he’s talked about ‘I wanted to open my own restaurant’ or ‘I want to get a food truck’ he’s talked about as long as I can remember and to see him actually do it, it’s really cool.”

At first, Arthur wanted to open his own restaurant, like many cooks before him.

A dream he had for as far back as he could remember, but after talking it over with his girlfriend Sherri, they came to the decision of starting a food truck business.

“This is perfect because I can cook when I want and pull my kitchen over here for a week and it’s self-contained, it’s got everything you need in there,” Arthur said.

“So, everything’s done right inside there, it’s pretty nice. One of my favorite spots in the world is the old Ore Dock in lakeshore parking lot. I’ve had such a good time there and met a lot of people there and the view is a million-dollar view.”

Rather than a stand alone location, Arthur gets to travel around Marquette & Alger County.
He gets to interact with the yoopers and those who comes to enjoy the beauty that is the Upper Peninsula.

Arthur said, “That’s the best part, you get to meet people from all over and if they like your food, what better way to meet somebody than ‘oh man, they like your food,’ someone tells me ‘man I really enjoyed that’ that makes me feel good and I enjoy that the best when I get a compliment that they enjoy the food.”

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