Kelly Cochran finally takes the stand in murder trial

Kelly Cochran Murder In The UP

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IRON COUNTY — The testimony of defense witnesses began this morning – one from a neighbor, one from a Michigan State Police Officer. But ultimately, we got to hear the story we’ve all been wanting to hear:  the testimony of Kelly Cochran.

Kelly’s story of Chris’ murder began with inviting Chris over to the Cochrans home after her husband Jason left with some friends. Though she had previously told an officer that Jason was waiting for Chris in the basement, and was a part of the murder pact they had if either one of them were caught having an affair.

Scholke began by asking her if the death of Chris Regan was pre-planned, to which Cochran responded, “No. It was something I had said, but there was never a plan.”

Scholke asked, “Well, why did you say that then?”

“It was a lie. I felt guilty,” Cochran replied.

She then goes on to explain what happens once Chris arrives to their home in Caspian.

“You’re having sex with him, what happens then?” Scholke asked.

“I don’t know if I heard it. I know now that I had to of, but I didn’t hear it. There was a gunshot, and we fell down the stairs,” said Cochran.

“Do you remember telling different versions of that?” the defense attorney asked.

“Correct,” Kelly said.

“Why did you tell different versions?” Scholke continued.

“As far as the one up in the bedroom, when I went with the detective to the house that day, even as he said in his statement, I was under the influence,” Kelly responded. “I don’t even remember taking them upstairs.”

Cochran claimed to have blacked out from the fall, came to, and found that Chris was dead. According to her testimony, Jason dragged the victim to the middle of the floor, and made her go upstairs to cook him dinner. She was then asked why she didn’t think to use one of her own guns to confront her husband on what he had done.

“Did the 22 even come to mind at the time?” asked Scholke.

“No,” as Kelly began crying. “But even if it was in my hands, I don’t know if I would have been capable to shoot him, or even to do anything about it.”

Cochran proceeded to testify while Jason had wanted to dump the victims car in the Caspian Pit, Kelly convinced him to take it to a lot and park it, so that it could ultimately be discovered by police.

But again, she had previously told a detective that she was smarter than Jason and coached him on how to deplete any trace of evidence in Chris’ vehicle.

“You know, wear this hat, wear these gloves, make sure you don’t touch anything, did you do any kind of counseling like that?” Scholke questioned.

“No,” Kelly replied. “But I did say that.”

” Why did you say that?” Scholke asked.

“It all goes back to feeling bad for Chris not being here,” Cochran said.

After they dispose of Chris’ vehicle, Jason allegedly makes Kelly drive them back to their home in Caspian, and watch him take care of the body.

“So he grabbed the Sawz-All, what happens then?” Scholke asked.

“He uses the sawz-all to cut him up,” Kelly said.

Scholke then asked, “Does he say anything while this is going on?”

“One of the main things that he said is, he…When he cut him up, he had one of his hands, and said the last time he’d wave to me. He was waving goodbye to me,” Cochran said.

And after that, Cochran testified that Chris’ remains were bagged, put into their truck, and taken to the Pentoga Trail. Yet she keeps to her main defense that she was forced to help.

Cochran said, “It’s not that easy. I was away from Jason numerous times throughout this, after this has happened, and never did I go and get help. And why? Because I had seen what he was capable of. I’ve seen what he did. How many times he had threatened me. How many times he held a gun to my head. It’s not just, ‘You can go and get help.’ He had done a lot of things that, I knew he would find a way to harm me and to kill me.”

Cross examination by the prosecution will continue Monday In Iron County.


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