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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Five new marijuana businesses are in the process of opening within the city of Marquette. Many of them are at different stages of the process. We talked with Assistant City Manager, Sean Hobbins about the locations and the state of Marijuana businesses in the city.

The proposed locations are 351 W. Washington St, 344 W. Washington St. 1090 S. Front St., 1651 S. Front St., and 100 Genesee St.

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According to Hobbins the City has approved four special land use permits for recreational marijuana businesses (351 W Washington St.,  344 W. Washington St.,  1090 S. Front St., and 100 Genesee St. ) 1651 S. Front St. was approved for a conditional zoning request that put them in a zoning district that allows for recreational marijuana but has not progressed beyond this point. 

Hobbins said, only the business at 100 Genesee St. has applied for a municipal license. They were issued a provisional municipal license on June 23, which will allow them to open once they receive final State approval.

While these will be the first businesses in the city, there are two other dispensaries in Marquette County.

The city of Marquette is divided into zoning districts which have different rules for where businesses can be.

“In our ordinance that was developed by the planning commission and approved by the city commission, marijuana businesses are special uses in each of the zoning districts. Each zoning district has their own special uses.What that means is they are allowed to be in that district, but they have to file a special use permit before they can set up shop,” said Hobbins.

In simple terms, the permit is for the property, and the license is for the business.

Hobbins added, “As part of their recreational marijuana city license, they have to have the special land use permit attached to it. So they have to have already gone through the process where the planning commission reviews it and says yes, this is an acceptable location.”

The city does not have any applications in process right now. Hobbins said the Genesee St. location submitted its application and received their provisional license. Three other locations that received their special land use permit, the city is anticipating that they’ll apply, but haven’t yet.

The city has received calls of others interested in opening businesses, but nothing concrete at this time. If members of the community want a voice in where businesses go, Hobbins says their input matters.

“The time for public input would be during that special land use permit process. Each special land use permit has a public hearing in front of the planning commission. Residents can submit written comments, or call or Zoom in during the planning commission meeting to make a comment during that public hearing,” said Hobbins

Those agendas are published the Friday before each planning commission meeting. Those meetings are recorded and stored on the City of Marquette’s Youtube channel.

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