New Years’ resolutions: working out and staying healthy

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HARVEY, Mich. (WJMN) — The new year is one of the biggest motivations for those wanting to physically transform themselves.

With the new year comes resolutions, and for many that includes fitness.

Jamie Thayer, owner of Anytime Fitness of Harvey says, ” Every January we have a big influx of people who have set those new years’ resolutions. They have vowed to get healthy, have the best year and we’re here to make sure you follow through with it. “

Anytime Fitness of Harvey is holding a deal to help people start their new lifestyles.

” We try to make it really easy by having a dollar enrollment all month long. Plus, we include our kickstart training package with every membership so that will set you up for success, so you actually reach those goals you set for your new years’ resolutions, ” continues Thayer.

Thayer says when setting your fitness goals set realistic ones.

” Keep in mind your lifestyle and what’s gonna truly fit. And then work those times in. Schedule your workouts, and your food prep, anything that’s going to help you with your goals, schedule that like an important meeting, just like anything else,” says Thayer.

Some other tips to help you succeed in 2020 are …

” Make sure you are drinking your water, that would be feeling up a water bottle and bringing it with you to work or school or wherever you have to go, ” says Thayer. ” Planning ahead with meals, scheduling your workouts, having your gym bag right next to the door so you almost have to trip on it before you forget it, and also quitting smoking, being more mindful, those are all things that will help you reach your goals to get healthier.”

And if the gym isn’t for you, Thayer says…

” Ultimately whenever you feel inspired to move, and feel free and get fit, whether that’s on a trail, it’s on ice, it’s climbing a mountain, it’s yoga do that,” says Thayer.

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