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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — As temperatures begin to change and winter approaches the need to make sure everyone in the U.P. has shelter becomes even more important.

For some people, a warm place to sleep is hard to come by.

The Warming Center on Washington Street in Marquette provides relief from those harsh conditions.

Nick Emmendorfer, Executive Director at Room at the Inn says, ” Our mission is to provide food shelter and assistance to individuals transitioning out of homelessness.”

The Room at the Inn in Marquette gives people more than just a place to stay.

” We provide free meals here at our Warming Center. Guests also have access to our guest advocate who helps them with resumes and monthly housing goals. We also have access to showers and laundry facilities cause we believe cleanliness is a basic part of human dignity, ” continues Emmendorfer.

The Room at the Inn is in search of volunteers who are 18 years or older.

Mark Holliday, Guest Advocate for Room at the Inn says, ” We do two meals a day here. We serve probably up to 60 meals a day so there’s always a need for volunteers in the kitchen to help clean up. “

Emmendorfer tells me the Room at the Inn is a huge part of the community.

” This is essentially the community’s safety net for our most vulnerable if you experience a medical crisis you go to the emergency room. If you experience a housing crisis you come to Room at the Inn. We’re the emergency room for homelessness, ” says Emmendorfer.

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