The sport of mixed martial arts has gained a lot of attention across the nation and across the Upper Peninsula.
Local gym ‘Warriors Muay Thai & MMA’ is putting on a cage fighting event this weekend. It will include as many as eight local fighters, along with several other U.S. and international fighters.
The main fighter is a woman.
Missy Pontbriand, a kickboxer with the Warriors Muay Thai & MMA said, “We decided to up my training a little bit and look at a professional career. So we’re trying to nail down a few amateur wins and set our road and our sights on that. Lot of pretty heavy training, and, you know, mental preparedness that we want to be in the mind frame that we’re going to win this fight – which we are.”
Gary Swanson, the head coach at Warriors Muay Thai & MMA said, “I want to see local talent fight get fights where you don’t have to travel so much, and nobody’s putting fights on. So, and then I don’t want to just fight locals, I want to have international fights.”
The fight will be held this Saturday at Marquette Senior High School with doors opening at 5:30.
Proceeds raised through the event will go to the Marquette High School Athletics Department, the DJ Jacobetti Home for Veterans and Peak Gymnastics.