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Henry Ford in the UP exhibit opens up in Marquette Regional History Center

When you hear Henry Ford’s name, you automatically think of the automobile. But, you should also be thinking about the U.P.
The Marquette Regional History Center just opened a “Henry Ford in the U.P” exhibit. The gallery features Ford artifacts, newspaper clippings and advertisements amongst other items. Jo Wittler, curator at the History Center, says it’s a great chance to learn about a man who had a heavy hand in shaping the Upper Peninsula.
“Anyone who met him, kids would go get his autograph. He was a really large figure, so you could imagine how big a deal it was to meet Henry Ford when he came here. But he had a lot of different industries going on. He bought up mines…timberlands, and, so he became one of the largest private land owners and one of the largest employers in the 20s and 30s.”
The exhibit will be open until the beginning of January. Admission is free with the purchase of a general admission ticket to the History Center.