Often times the word ‘diversity’ is used to speak only about race relations.
But, Northern Michigan University is working hard to ensure that the use of ‘diversity’ extends beyond that. The university is holding its tenth annual UNITED conference this week. The conference hosts speakers and performers from all different backgrounds.
Shirley brozzo, the associate director of the multicultural education resource center at NMU touched on this, saying, “You get to see a little bit of people from many different backgrounds talking about whatever their specialty might be. So it could be a religious presentation. It could be something on a different ethnicity, a different sexual orientation. So you get exposure to a lot of  different, diverse backgrounds.”
The conference runs throughout the week, culminating with an ensemble musical performance next Tuesday.
Most of the events are free and all are open to the public. For a full schedule, visit http://www.nmu.edu/united.