ST.IGNACE, Mich. (WJMN) – The 15th Annual Rendezvous at the Straits Powwow was held August 25th – August 27th.

“The Powwow here in St. Ignace is a 3-day event, and it brings dancers and drummers from across Michigan and into Canada,” said Sue St.Onge, Hospitality Operations. People come back every year. We also have some fur traders and lots of vendors here selling their crafts and their wares. It is an awesome opportunity to come out and learn a little bit about Native culture and just enjoy Northern Michigan.”

The event brings together the community and encourages everyone to participate. You do not have to have Regalia or be Native American to enjoy all the fun. The Native community only wants more people to learn different aspects of the culture.

“The real nice thing about this powwow is we are a Traditional Powwow, and what that means is entry level people can come in if they have regalia or no regalia,” said Darryl Brown, Powwow Organizer. It is a great place for young people to get started. You could have the basics and you are welcomed into that circle.

This is a three-day event, and it is annual. So, if you missed it this year, it will be happening again next year.

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