HOUGHTON, Mich. (WJMN) — Every year, the first full week of February is Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival.

“We are almost to the centennial,” said Clara Peterson, President of the Blue Key Honor Society about this year being the 98th annual Winter Carnival.

“It’s crazy that we’ve done carnival for so long, but it’s been fun being apart of such a progressive group and really challenging and seeing different views and incorporating new events and really try to keep up with the modern times.”

Activities include snow volleyball, big broomball, dog sledding, and being able to witness the legendary ice sculptures, the Michigan Tech campus will be busy all weekend and it kicked off Wednesday night with the all-nighter party.

“All nighter is such a fun event since classes are canceled, you get to come alive on campus and all these different vendors get to sell their food, different organizations, some do fundraisers as well,” said Peterson.

“This year we have C4 (Copper Country Cycling Club), they’re doing a pump track, so you get to sign a waiver and take a fat tire bike on their snow track, so different events to really get you moving and the snow speakers of course and getting to dance all night. Having everyone come together on campus and having them work on statues, it’s just a great feeling.”

After 98-years, this festival continues to bring the Copper Country together. Local 3 asked Clara, what makes Winter Carnival so special?

“I really think it’s the family-like feel that comes from being apart of such a tight-knit community,” said Peterson.

“Having the community members come together with the student population and as well as alumni and those that travel hundreds, thousands of miles just to come here to see the fun statues and that community-like atmosphere, so I think it’s just that culture, that brings people together to enjoy a pasty and really incorporate that culture up here in the Houghton-Keweenaw.”

Winter Carnival goes on until Saturday, so if you are in the area, you might as well stop by because there is an array of festivities for you to enjoy.