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MARQUETTE– With two golf courses and about 500 members, Marquette Golf Club is in the midst of a busy season.

“So there is something going on every day,” said Marc Gilmore, Head Golf Professional. It keeps it fun.”

With different courses throughout the U.P., Gilmore says the conditions of the two at Marquette Golf Club makes it unique from others in the area.

“These courses are maintained better than anything else in the area,” said Gilmore. “I would say for hundreds of miles.”

People come from different areas of the country to play at the course. Just today, there was a group from Texas and another from Seattle, Washington to play.

“The some great vistas of Lake Superior on both courses and there are some stunning views out on Greywalls,” said Gilmore. “Greywalls is now ranked in the top 100 by Golf Digest Magazine and Golf Week. So to have something in the community the size of Marquette as the Top 100 in the country is something. It’s really an honor.”

Whether you’re experienced or not, Gillmore says this course is for everyone.

“We all start out as beginners and it takes some time so everybody is conditioned with that,” said Gilmore. “Everybody tries to help everybody as much as they can. We offer lessons. We have four professionals on staff so we offer lessons for anybody interested in golf.”

Throughout the summer, one of the big types of events the golf club holds is golf outings. Local 3 had theirs today. Some of the crew was able to show off their skills on the green.

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