A “hoppy” weekend thanks to one K.I. Sawyer man


K.I. SAWYER, Mich (WJMN) – On Saturday, families gathered at 906 Community Church in K.I. Sawyer to get in the Easter spirit. One of the greatest joys of being a kid during Easter time is an Easter egg hunt and Lucy Davis was no exception to that on Saturday. Along with an egg hunt, the event also provided cupcake decorating, prizes, free lunch, and lots of very happy kids. Those smiles like Lucy’s wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for people like Ryan Lipinksi.

“I do a lot of programs through the community, I try to put on something at least once a month to give these kids here and in the surrounding areas something to do,” Ryan Lipinski, the organizer of the event said. “They don’t have a lot of access to come to Marquette so bringing events here to the neighborhood directly means that the kids can actually walk to the events, be in the same neighborhood, play with the same kids.”

After taking a five-year break from hosting events when Lipinski moved away, he knew once he moved back he would start hosting events again as if he didn’t even leave. Lipinski’s dedication is so deep for these events he even goes to the extent of making sure his hair and car are decked out to match the theme as well.

“About every month or month and a half my hairstyle chances for about the last 15 years,” said Lipinski.

Shannan Koponen and many members of the community who showed up for the event thanked Lipinski for being so dedicated to the community and putting together great events for the community month after month. All of Lipinski’s events are free and open to everyone.

“They speak for themselves,” Koponen said. “As you can see a simple Easter egg hunt turned into whole community events and people poured into the doors it comes down to he does the snow marches where we help snow all the way down to the sled races and even those multiple events to the summer a lot of them we probably don’t even know all of them yet because we don’t know what’s going to come up from his we have no idea. There is no color to explain Ryan he is a man of different colors but a heart of gold.”

Shannon Greathouse was looking for a way to connect the people of Gwinn and K.I. Sawyer. Thanks to the help of Greathouse’s numerous businesses in the Gwinn area, she was able to help make this event more than just an Easter egg hunt.

“I sponsored it through my restaurant Shannon’s home cooking and then my stores This and That and Model Tots made up the basket so we have food, we did cupcakes, and then we also did eggs,” Greathouse said. “I’m very passionate about building this community into a place that I want to bring my children and raise my children and so it’s everything to me.”

Thanks to the work of Lipinski and Greathouse, kids like Lucy will continue to have a reason to smile. Lipinski is already looking ahead to his next event, a bike race.

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