A look at what makes the Marquette County Habitat for Humanity ReStore, ‘ReStore of the Year’


HARVEY, Mich. (WJMN ) – The Marquette County Habitat for Humanity ReStore was recently named ‘ReStore of the Year’ in Michigan. Local 3 stopped by to meet some of the people to find out why that is.

There is people that work there like Wayne Price. He’s been working at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for about 11 years. After years of teaching medical technology at NMU, his job here is a little different but something he loves to do.

“Well I bought an old car that I wanted to restore and I had retired at my previous position, I needed some income to pay for the rest of my restorations and liked what I saw and liked the mission of the place and this is where I needed to be and they decided that I was good for it,” said Price.

The mission of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is to raise funds that go back into building homes for people in need.

“We turn around, we sell and then all the funds go into the Marquette County Habitat for Humanity to build homes also last year we started a repairs program we did about 17 homes that we did, repairs that we did to keep people in their homes,” said Bob Howe, Marquette County Habitat for Humanity ReStore Director.

Bob and Wayne are just some of the people that helped make the ReStore in Harvey the ‘ReStore of the Year’ across the state. And it’s clear to see they enjoy their work.

“Well you know you see regular people over the years and it’s almost like old friends coming in the store because they come in here often enough that you develop a relationship but I enjoy the helping people part of things,” said Price. “So instead of looking for something, I can put them in the right direction or need information or guidance on a process, I can help somewhat in that regard or help them find a person in the store who can help them with that. So, it’s the helping part that makes it a lot of fun for me and I enjoy people anyway.”

The store was named ‘ReStore of the Year’ based on their sales, volunteer work, sharing donations with other restores in the state and giving back to Marquette County.

“Habitat For Humanity couldn’t do what they do without the people that come in and donate to us, without the volunteers, without the people that come and work and even the people that come in and purchase,” said Howe.

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