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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — In a place that used to be filled with racks of clothing, shoes, and things for your home, the former J.C. Penny at the Westwood Mall is a shell of its former self.

“This facility, once we have it set-up, is going to flow and just work a lot better for us as a church and the people that attend,” said Travis Ryan, Assistant Pastor, NorthIron Church.

What once stood as a hub of commerce will soon be a place designed to connect people to faith.

For the past two years, Sunday service in Marquette has been located at NorthStar Academy, but location space has become a problem. With over 150 members at their Marquette location, NorthIron expects that this new space will allow them to continue to grow.

“The big thing is we need more space. There is not enough room for people. We’ve had people at NorthStar pull into the parking lot and drive away because there wasn’t even a parking spot,” said Ryan.

Assistant Pastor Travis Ryan, says the space will look nothing like a department store.

“So here we are going to have ample parking, we’ll have ample seating, and we’ll also be able to create a little bit of a better atmosphere with lighting and just have more control of our building and acoustics and all those kind of things,” said Ryan.

“In the gym, it’s pretty difficult with the brick walls and hard flooring, so we are excited to be able to provide a better experience to the people that do attend our churches.”

North Star Public Academy has enjoyed the service put on by NorthIron, but they’re excited to see them grow.

“We’ve been in communication with them this whole time and they’re happy to have us there leasing. We’re going to continue to lease their until this space is renovated, but they’re excited to see us take the next step too,” said Ryan.

Making this former store at the mall, a place for being saved instead of savings.

Travis hopes to have their first service at the new Marquette location by September of this year, but until then, they will continue to have Sunday service at North Star Public Academy.

For more information on the NorthIron Church, click here.

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