A potential new home for falcons


MARQUETTE, MICH (WJMN) — If you see a strange box on the top of the Landmark Inn they aren’t adding new rooms unless you count falcons as future guests.

The Department of Natural Resources reached out to the Landmark Inn for a special reason.

” Apparently we have a great location for Peregrine Falcons because they like to nest up high and we’re one of the tallest locations in the area. So, we’re very excited to have the box on the roof. Hopefully, it draws the falcons in and they find a nice house upstairs, ” says Nicholas Lentz, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Landmark Inn.

Although they have not seen any falcons yet when they do they will get to care for them.

” One of the most exciting parts of this is that the DNR has said that if we do have some baby falcons that are born as part of this project then we at the Landmark will be able to name them, ” says Jill Harris, Assistant manager at the Landmark Inn.

They say the falcon box is a great asset to the community.

” Marquette is so interested in our natural resources and preserving the environment that I think any kind of conservation effort we can partake in is a really positive thing for the entire community, ” continues Harris.

Representatives from the hotel tell me the birds will start their flight to Marquette in February.

” I think for us it was kinda a no brainer if we can make a really nice home for these birds on our roof, then, by all means, we are ready to do it,” continues Lentz.

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