A unique way you can help send kids to camp


MARQUETTE, MI (WJMN) — Your extra change can help make a difference this weekend.

Local businesses are teaming up with Bay Cliff Health Camp to help children.

Five area businesses will have collection jars at their checkout stations for Bay Cliff over the weekend.

Instead of putting coins in your pocket, you’ll see jars next to the registers at places like Getz’s Department store.

After every purchase, the cashier will ask if you would like to donate your change.

Every quarter and dime helps children with disabilities experience the fun and freedom of going to camp.

Kieth Dickson, General Store Manager at Getz’s Department Store says, “For the kids that go up there in their grade school years to everything else they provide. For every aspect of a child’s life, it’s an absolutely amazing cause, and I really employ people who aren’t familiar with what they’re doing up there to take a moment and research what they do.”

The 5 area businesses participating in this cause are Getz’s, The Sports Rack, Farmer Qs, LoyalTees and Cram’s in Big Bay. 

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