Active Shooter Training for local Houghton clinic


HOUGHTON, Mich. (WJMN) — The City of Houghton & Michigan State Police sent officers to Aspirus Houghton Clinic.

Not for an emergency, but to practice what to do in the event of a dangerous situation.

Aspirus employees spent four hours learning and acting out an active shooter simulation.

Christina Verran, RN Coordinator, Aspirus Houghton Clinic said, “Our patients and our staff are our number one priority when it comes to safety and we like to make sure that we are up on everything and we can provide the best outcomes for our patients and our staff in the event there’s an emergency.”

While shooting situations in the U.P. are rare, organizers say it’s important to keep the conversation going.

Sergeant Matt Djerf of the Michigan State Police-Calumet Post believes providing this kind of information can only benefit the employees who participate and the emergency response team as well.

Sergeant Matt Djerf, Michigan State Police-Calumet Post said, “Well basically, in an active violence or active shooter situation, the police are mostly reactive to that situation. That’s the reality of it. There’s already damage done by the time you get there and the more training and emergency action plan and preparedness that facilities can put in place prior to an event can really change the outcome in favor of the facility and it helps us.”

Sergeant Djerf hopes that the Aspirus employees have one thing on their mind if and when a horrific event occurs.

“Awareness, first and foremost. If anyone is under the impression that something like this can’t happen here, their probably wrong. So accepting the fact that bad things could happen and having the correct mindset and preparing a little bit, not being paranoid, but preparing, again, that can make a huge difference in your reaction if a situation unfolds,” said Djerf.

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