An update from the DNR before Deer Season


MARQUETTE COUNTY — We are less than two months away from the start of deer season in the U.P. and if you want to take aim at something without antlers the time to apply for your license is now.

Permits are going out based on the areas you hunt.

Terry Minzey, Department of Natural Resources, Upper Peninsula Regional Wildlife Supervisor said, “It depends on which deer management unit you’re in. So for example, down in Menominee County, there will be probably seven-thousand, but you get over into Delta County the numbers will be less. A grand total across the U.P. is probably around ten-thousand.”

The doe population in the Upper Peninsula hasn’t changed much since last season.

“The population is remaining stable. We had the opportunity to elevate the numbers on the doe harvest here a few years ago. The Natural Resources Commission was concerned with the number of permits that we were putting out,” said Minzey.

With CWD and other diseases affecting our deer, the public is asked to be cautious with consuming deer meat.

“At this point, there’s no known case of humans contracting CWD from eating affected deer. There are concerns though, some of the leading scientists are concerned that at some point in time that may happen,” said Minzey. “So our recommendation, which follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization, as well as the Center for Disease Control suggest that if you get your deer tested and it tests positive, do not eat it, rather put it in the landfill.”

The Antlerless Deer application process ends on August 15th.

Deer hunting season begins September 21st.

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