Animal welfare workshops


GWINN — A series of animal welfare workshops are happening across the state.

Animal rescue, shelter staff, volunteers and advocates met at the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter for a workshop called Getting To the Goal.

Michigan Pet Fund Alliance’s main goal is to make Michigan a No Kill state, meaning no homeless healthy or treatable cat or dog is killed in Michigan shelters.

Animal shelters reach a no kill status when they follow best practices to save 90% or more of the animals in their care.

Michelle Spranger, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance says, “cats and dogs are really important in people’s lives, they really brighten our lives and bring us a lot of joy and it’s really important that the community gets involved to help save them.”

The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance says one way to reduce the number of an unwanted animal going to shelters is to have your pet spayed and neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.

When Michigan Pet Fund Alliance was formed in 2003, more than 120,000 cats and dogs were being killed in Michigan shelters every year.

At that time, only one county was considered no kill.

Based on 2017 shelter reports, 62 out of 80 counties in Michigan with licensed shelters were no kill with a 90% or better live release rate, and just over 15,000 cats and dogs were killed.

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